Saturday, June 4, 2011

farmers market

we went to the farmers market yesterday and there was lodes of stuff to buy it was insane i loved it there was old fashion root beer and lemonade and egg roles and purses and earrings and necklaces and things of that sort it was amazing

well gotta go

this is mary trexel signing off.................

Friday, June 3, 2011


well its been a long time cense i put a long blog in so i will start to do it again today i will say something that my friend Hannah and i did back in like 2006
lets go way way way way back like 5 years ago so i was like 8.

it was right after i moved from the little town of ceresco to here is the lovely city of lincoln nebraska i had just met my now bff Hannah like one month before and we where talking and fooling around and Hannah says "Mary lets make some place where we can pretend we are in far away places like space and on the moon and things like that so we thought it over and i remembered that we had just got like a new refrigerator or something of that sort and so we got out the box and i made Rachel ( my sister ) make buttons and a steering wheel and seat belts, things like that and after that my brother jim ( like a month later ) brought home a turtle that he found in the street so it was in a little box in the yard and Hannah and i wanted to play wit it so we took it into our little box and played with him and it was soooooooo fun. but a lass after a long time it got throne away it was a sad say for a little 8 year old named Mary :( but now we are going to make a new one once one of us gets a big box for both of us and her little brother James to play in so who knows when that will be i hope it will be soon because i miss playing in that box and doing things that now as i look back on i think "why in the world did i do that"? well i bet you had fun reading and you liked the story ( and yes it is a true story incase you where wondering ) p.s by the way jim set the turtle free at homes lake so sad i loved that turtle :(

well i got to go its bed time

this is Mary Trexel signing off.........................

Monday, May 23, 2011

josh's open house went really really really really really really really really really really really really good! we had A LOT of people who came and we had a good time eating and talking and the boys played football and it was amazing well the next one to graduate is rachel in about two years creepy right?

well i got to go

this is mary trexel signing off....................

Thursday, May 19, 2011


i hope you are having the best birthday ever

Sunday, April 17, 2011

YAY for my birthday i got to pick out a bike and so yesterday i did and IT IS AWESOME!!! its purple and its a mountain bike to it has gears i love it! not a bunch of kids ride bikes but i love it because they are to fun

well i gota go
this is mary trexel signing off.........

Thursday, April 14, 2011

its my 13 birthday and what a birthday to remember. i got so many wonderful things from my wonderful friends its really a grate blessing to be with such a awesome family and after my birthday the next one is may 19th Nikkis 26 birthday creepy right

well i got to go

this is mary trexel signing off........

Friday, April 8, 2011


he just turned 19 today and we are having a small family party after church on sunday im so happy and my birthday is in 6 days i will be 13 a lot of birthdays in april

Monday, April 4, 2011

hey my friend and i where playing outside and her dad was raking a pile of leaves that didn't get bagged up from fall and he found a nest of little baby bunnies it was sooooo cute but we can't get any of out sent on them or the mom will ether kill them or abandon them so we sometimes will just watch them and there is this cat that walks around out houses that has been trying to eat them so we have been watching for him and making sure he dose NOT go any where near the nest and we have seen the mom by the nest so i think we are doing a good job

well i gota go

this is mary trexel signing off...............

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i just got done with spring break it was sooooo fun i got to stay up late and sleep in and so i had a good time i just with that people did not get spring break for work it would be so nice

Sunday, March 27, 2011


there has been a long break i know but im back and i will try to be bloging more i just have been busy with life and really have not had the time for bloging so sorry about that well we went to church today and i have nothing to do today and rachel is going bowling so i dont have her to hang out with

well i got to go se ya

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

whats up?

whats up my people?
sorry i have not posted many blogs lately its just that i have been busy and sometimes i just plain forget. so right now i will just fill you in on that happened on our last game our girls game we won by like maybe 10 points and it was so sad the boys lost by 2 POINTS! we would have won if would have had 1 more second because josh shot and missed but if the clock wouldn't have ran out we would have got a rebound and made it :( but he tried and thats all you can ask for in a player

well gota go se ya

tis is mary trexel signing off.......

Sunday, February 27, 2011

im sad basketball ends this thursday we had our last home game Saturday but we have a tournament this week then its no more basketball for the rest or the year ( on a team any way lol ) so thats kind of sad.
on the brighter side of things we have a bunch of birthdays coming up. my dads the johannas are in march then joshua and mine are in April then nikki in may but thats a long way away ( haa i was a poet and i didn't know it hahah ) well moms starting to shoo me off so i better rap it up

thanks for reading

this is mary trexel signing off.................

Monday, February 14, 2011

lemon bars, reading and basketball

ok my sister rachel is making lemon bars for link and they are smelling sooo good
i love them so much but this time i dont get any because rachel is taking them to link ( sobs )
last night i couldn't sleep so i turned on the lamp that was next to my bed and started reading the book "Cornelia the angle of the battle filed " she was a sivel war nurse who most people thought her to be the florence nighengal of America because of the years she spent on the battle filed helping wounded people.
guess what on Saturday i had a J.V basketball game and i went in, in about the 3d courter then i got fouled twice one time i got to shoot a free through but i air balled it lol

well got to go

this is mary trexel sighing off...........

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


hi my people!
i am having so much fun doing sports ( manly basketball but some other thing here and there )
i had my first junior high basketball game last Saturday we lost by 3 points but we had two other games that day and we won both of those it was so exiting i loved it i want to do other sports in the spring and summer but im not sure witch ones i can do that works with my music lessens and my school and things like that im trying to keep active so i want to do as many sports as time allows

well gota go

this is mary trexel sighing off...................

Sunday, January 16, 2011


you might have known that my sister Nikki got married in 2009 and i never said how it happened

well it was soooo romantic on how justin proposed to her
it was sometime at night and nikki and justin had gone out on a date and...... WAIT I FORGOT SOMETHING! nikki had a dream one time that justin had have hera blinking snowman pin insted of a engagement ring well that parts kinda impotent so remember that
where was i?.... oh yes and justin was wearing the shirt that he wore on there first date so after the date they went to Justin's dads office to get something
but justin left some books there so he wouldn't haft to lie to nikki so they could go back.. well when they got back to the office there was a box on the books i think then when nikki opened it a snowman fell out of the box and the ring was tied to the scarf then justin did the thing most people to and that is he got on one nee and asked nikki to marry him isent that so cute? i remembered as i was going through my old blogs and comments that i never talked about nikkis wedding and i had talked about jims weeding so i decided that i should just do it know
nikki i hope i got it right i was just doing it from memory so its just a bit fuzzy

Friday, January 14, 2011


thanks to all of you who read my blogs

Sunday, January 9, 2011


some people dont like snow but if you ask me if love snow i would say why wouldn't i not like it? what is wrong with snow? its beautiful its spectacular its kinda cold but somethings gota be.
i love it so much. but my question for you my viewers do YOU like snow do you think its so fun to watch fall without a care in the world down from the sky?
please leave a comment and tell me if you do or dont like snow

well i gota go
this is mary trexel signing off................

Friday, January 7, 2011

new year

its a new year and so starting a new school semester. last semester i haft to say was boring but this school year its so fun! i love it now because my dad looked at all my books and wrote me up a schedule for this year so i can finish on time and still have time for breaks and now i dont have math on certain days but i have math on other days its so fun i love it

Saturday, January 1, 2011

how did your new year go?

how did you new year go? did you have a party? we did kinda did it was so fun and i watched its a wonderful life after midnight and it didn't end until 2:30AM and believe it or not thats not the latest i have stayd up the latest i stayed up was at a laser tag lock in and we stayed up until 6:45AM and thats by far the latest i have ever stayed up any way at our new years kinda party was so fun we had lots of snakes and and watched moves and played apels to apels until it was time for the count down at midnight then after as you know we watched its a wonderful life then i went to bed and you dont want to know what time i got up today because if you did know it would be the deth of my raputation. well i haft to go please leave a coment on what you did this new years and what you hope to accomplish in 20011

well gota go

bye guys