Friday, June 3, 2011


well its been a long time cense i put a long blog in so i will start to do it again today i will say something that my friend Hannah and i did back in like 2006
lets go way way way way back like 5 years ago so i was like 8.

it was right after i moved from the little town of ceresco to here is the lovely city of lincoln nebraska i had just met my now bff Hannah like one month before and we where talking and fooling around and Hannah says "Mary lets make some place where we can pretend we are in far away places like space and on the moon and things like that so we thought it over and i remembered that we had just got like a new refrigerator or something of that sort and so we got out the box and i made Rachel ( my sister ) make buttons and a steering wheel and seat belts, things like that and after that my brother jim ( like a month later ) brought home a turtle that he found in the street so it was in a little box in the yard and Hannah and i wanted to play wit it so we took it into our little box and played with him and it was soooooooo fun. but a lass after a long time it got throne away it was a sad say for a little 8 year old named Mary :( but now we are going to make a new one once one of us gets a big box for both of us and her little brother James to play in so who knows when that will be i hope it will be soon because i miss playing in that box and doing things that now as i look back on i think "why in the world did i do that"? well i bet you had fun reading and you liked the story ( and yes it is a true story incase you where wondering ) p.s by the way jim set the turtle free at homes lake so sad i loved that turtle :(

well i got to go its bed time

this is Mary Trexel signing off.........................


Jonathan said...

How do you remember such details about that box? And I thought Jim made soup out of those turtles?!

mary jolene said...

yea right haha vary funny he told me that he set the turtle free at homes lake