Tuesday, January 22, 2008

well i start by saying the time wen me and my sister rachel played a big prank on my brothers. lets go back to the time when i was vary young.

it was just a normal april first. the day we played prancs. me and rachel were planning a big pranc when we decided we wad put a bunch of beny babys over the doorway. we woud louer the boys in to the room. but how??

so we toltd them there was a sopperise in there. lets just say they the boys stil ar mad at that. but me and rachel or not so that is my story ok we so haw me and rachel got the boys to go into the trap.

but lets see some more...lets go back. back throe time and space, way back to the last year wen
we went to a hotel. we were on the way to my grandmas and grandpas house and we were going through Watertown to stay at a hotel. so we did and wen we got to the room we asked a hotel clerk to bring a folding bed fore my brother Josh. and wen she did we sa that Josh was to big and long to fit so one of us had to sleep on it. and who did they pick but me but i did not like the idea. ''mary come over here'' my sister said so i did. but wen i did rachel jumped on to the bed next to it and said ok you sleep on that bed you got on it you sleep on it. she fooled me and tricked me but did it last? no. after i brushed my teethe you wont believe me wen i say that rachel was on my bed and my teddy bear was on one of the queen beds. and was stoned and so that is that story.

this is mary sining off.