Monday, November 29, 2010


how was your thanksgiving? send me 2 things that you are thankful for and on december 3 i will post 2 peoples comments in a post i hope that you will

see ya
this is mary texel singing of..................

Monday, November 8, 2010


guess what im doing, my cousin mike and his wife molly had a baby a year or two ago and her name us lucy and im corseting a doll for her, we are going to see them on thanksgiving so it all works out im done with the body so now its on to the dress then the face then the hare then im done and molly is going to have a boy some time so next im going to make him ( or her im not sure ) a red baby blanket its going to be so much fun i can't wait until then and my other cousin jake has a boy and a girl names toby and meg so im going to make a doll for meg and a teddy bare for toby its going to be so much fun toby is like 3 or 4 so a blanket would be kinda strange and nikki and kelsey you can be sure when you have kids they will get a lot of yarn thing from me just you wait you will be surprised at the things i can make with yarn

well got to go
this is mary trexel singing off...................

Sunday, November 7, 2010


im so exited this year for thanksgiving my family is going to my grandma and grandpas house to spend it but the sad thing is that nikki and her husband justin can't get the time off work its just to bad nikki if your reading this i really really wish that you could come :) :) :) :) but we will send lots of photos while we are up there
its been so long sense i blogd last i have been so busey with school and school and more school and also other things but thats in the past and im going to blog much more often ( and dad if your reading this i will be geting my school done )
well its been a good day and i need to do some things so i got to go

this is mary trexel singing off..............