Sunday, November 7, 2010


im so exited this year for thanksgiving my family is going to my grandma and grandpas house to spend it but the sad thing is that nikki and her husband justin can't get the time off work its just to bad nikki if your reading this i really really wish that you could come :) :) :) :) but we will send lots of photos while we are up there
its been so long sense i blogd last i have been so busey with school and school and more school and also other things but thats in the past and im going to blog much more often ( and dad if your reading this i will be geting my school done )
well its been a good day and i need to do some things so i got to go

this is mary trexel singing off..............


Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

mary, I am reading, and I wish we could come too. It's just that we will be with Justin's side of the family this year. Maybe we can trade off each year, okay? :) But we'll be here for CHRISTMAS!

mary jolene said...

yea we will, we will be here one big happy family