Saturday, June 19, 2010

im bumd

our AC dose not work so we had ro sleep in the cold basment brrrr
but i got to sleep with rachel and johannah because they got hot to ;)
now i just lernd that the AC wont be repared until monday i don't want to whate
that long :(

o and today i don't know when, we are going to see toy story three talk about exiting :) :)

well gota split

this is may trexel sining off..........

p.s tomorrow is fathers day and we are going over no nikki's apartment for lunch agen talk about exiting

well by

Thursday, June 17, 2010


thank you all for the prayers for my dads foot he is doing vary well he has gon three days without his cane or cruches witch means just walking like normal of corse he has a small limp but thats all agen thank you all its only because of our lord and saver jesus christ

well i gota split

this is mary trexel sining off............

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hello mary here

i haev come cool news

i got a hare cut.... well not a hare CUT more like a hare TRIM i hade it trimd and thind
( i don't know if i spelled thind right sorry if i did ) ;)

well thats about all

this is mary trexel sining off........

Saturday, June 12, 2010


i am so happy that summer is here i mean i was getting vary tired of the cold winter and the wet spring but the worm summer is THE BEST for having fun im a kid so its important to have fun i mean comon if you where a kid you would be so exited who wouldent be but if you are a gronup you can still be exited but the sad thing is that when you get older you have to get a job and get a car and go to collage and you have no time for kid fun but thats why im glad to be a kid so i dont have to get a job but thats just me but im sure that im not the only one out there who thinks that

well thankyou for reading


this is mary trexel sining off ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

have you ever heard of the movie "the ultimate gift" well its the sadest movie because its about this guy who i guess has a bet with this other dead guy and the bet is that he has twelve gifs for him but he hast to work for them and the bet is that if we does all work that he hast to do to get the gifs then he gets his inheritance but alonge the way we meets this about ten year old girl who has cancer but in the end the little girl dies and i gust about cryed my eyes out the first time i saw the movie but i wont say anymore about it so by ;)

this is mary trexel sining off........

so goodby ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

  • if you want to read a poem my me mary trexel then your on the right blog this is a poem that i rote two days ago here we go
summer fun

look at the sun, todays going to be so much fun.
summer is finally here fall is nowhere neer
no more long-sleevs no more sweters no more getting christmas letters.
no wonder im exited and secretly who wouldent be delited?
weeks of swimming and camping under the stars, and marshmellos ensted of candy bars
when schools out and bike rids start nothing can pull familys apart
so thats summer to a kid my friend and now its time to say

the end

thank you for reading my poem i hope you liked it ;)

this is mary trexel sining off........

Monday, June 7, 2010

ok im a little late in tiping this because lately my computer would not let me post a blog but now its being good so i can blog again

and now for the real reason im bloging right now

ok youl never guess whos wedding anniversary was yesterday drum role please JIM AND KELSE'Y'S was yesterday and they said that they were going out for fast food and then going to a movie and then going out to a nice place to eat after
and then next month nikki and justen are having there wedding anniversary i cant wate hehe

well jim and kelsey if you reading this then HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

this is mary trexel sining off.............

p.s angles watch over you ;)