Friday, December 19, 2008

Jim and the big momen.

you all know that Jim and Kelsey are boy friend and girl friend. but last week Jim took a big step ahead. i think wee all know what that miens. yes its true Jim and Kelsey are engaged. they think that they have already set a wending date June sixth to be exact. And do you want to know haw and wen this happened? the answer to the haw is this it was a cold Friday night wen they went fore a walk together and I heard from mom that they got engaged at twelve twelve pretty cool huh? and the wen was this it was December twelfth the day before a basketball game (witch Kelsey is the assistant coach fore the girls team) and a nether thing is that if they do git married June sixth then they would be getting married on six six now that's business. well time fore me to hit the hay see you next time

Mary p.s angels watch over all of you.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

baby siting advice.

as you may know my family and I babysit the three year old kids at first servos at church and I
would like to tell you about it if you or thinking about babysitting the three year old kids then please reed this bog and maybe you will have a idea about what it is like. OK please reed vary closeley
there is not much to tell you but maybe there is going to be something in this blog that you don,t know. Emogene that you or with some little kids in a little room early in the morning some or crying some or not and the only way to git them to be quiet is to page there mom or dad or even both, but it dose not happen that often if the kids or good but if they or bad then your in a bit of trouble but the good thing is that if you or good with kids then I think you will make with it and then you take them out side to the playground and then win you do that they or throwing rocks the pushing the ether kids around and you tell them not to do that. but you make it and then you go on with your Sunday morning.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anna is back

Anna is back
Anna did you now that spring brake starts today? Mrs. Cobble asked. Aye Anna said, tis vary exiting. what are you to do during spring brake? Mary asked. well I will go to Annabell's house
and tell here the good news Anna said. well then off you go mother said. so Anna went off to see
Annabell. wen she got there Mrs Alec Barry answered. well hello Anna, Annabell is awed back on the porch. thank you Anna said, and pict up the him of her peddy cote and straightend here old hat and walked to the back porch.

Friday, February 15, 2008

the conteuing story to meet Anna

wen Anna got home Mary was standing at the door waiting fore theme. 'there you or Anna' she
said 'I was worried about you'. 'I asher you I am all rite' Anna said. 'Anna' mother said, 'i wish you would tell me wen you go to the store'.
'I am sorry maim' Anna said. 'good so help me with the cake' mother said. 'your fathers birthday is today and I don,t want to have just a normal supper.' 'aye mother I remember' Anna said so she walked in to the house.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

meet anna

anna coble had lived in the coloniel times a long time ago. she grew up with two younger sisters and five older brothers and a mom and a dad. her mothers name is martha and her dads name was tim. her five brothers were named john, mick, cris, leime, and josh. her sisters were named elizabeth and emiliy. they were twines. age nine and 1-2. anna loves horses and dogs and cats and lived in a farm with all those. she had depe dark hare and was about five feet tall. she was 12. but lets check up on here now and see how she is.

''there you are Anna' Mrs coble said. ''i have been looking fore you.'' ''i am sorry mother tis a good
day fore shopping.'' Anna said ''aye'' mother said ''but you needn't stay here. come home and help me with supper.'' Anna loved shopping and hated to be away from the store. she picked up the hems of her peddy cotes and sighed and walked out of the store. ''Anna, tis the fifth time you have gone and i have not known.'' Mrs coble said. ''I cant help it if I like being in the store.'' Anna said to her mother. ''i no child I no'' mother said. but you cane tel me if you or going some ware and tel me ware you or going. ''tis true'' Anna said as they walked throw the winding streets.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

well i start by saying the time wen me and my sister rachel played a big prank on my brothers. lets go back to the time when i was vary young.

it was just a normal april first. the day we played prancs. me and rachel were planning a big pranc when we decided we wad put a bunch of beny babys over the doorway. we woud louer the boys in to the room. but how??

so we toltd them there was a sopperise in there. lets just say they the boys stil ar mad at that. but me and rachel or not so that is my story ok we so haw me and rachel got the boys to go into the trap.

but lets see some more...lets go back. back throe time and space, way back to the last year wen
we went to a hotel. we were on the way to my grandmas and grandpas house and we were going through Watertown to stay at a hotel. so we did and wen we got to the room we asked a hotel clerk to bring a folding bed fore my brother Josh. and wen she did we sa that Josh was to big and long to fit so one of us had to sleep on it. and who did they pick but me but i did not like the idea. ''mary come over here'' my sister said so i did. but wen i did rachel jumped on to the bed next to it and said ok you sleep on that bed you got on it you sleep on it. she fooled me and tricked me but did it last? no. after i brushed my teethe you wont believe me wen i say that rachel was on my bed and my teddy bear was on one of the queen beds. and was stoned and so that is that story.

this is mary sining off.