Friday, December 19, 2008

Jim and the big momen.

you all know that Jim and Kelsey are boy friend and girl friend. but last week Jim took a big step ahead. i think wee all know what that miens. yes its true Jim and Kelsey are engaged. they think that they have already set a wending date June sixth to be exact. And do you want to know haw and wen this happened? the answer to the haw is this it was a cold Friday night wen they went fore a walk together and I heard from mom that they got engaged at twelve twelve pretty cool huh? and the wen was this it was December twelfth the day before a basketball game (witch Kelsey is the assistant coach fore the girls team) and a nether thing is that if they do git married June sixth then they would be getting married on six six now that's business. well time fore me to hit the hay see you next time

Mary p.s angels watch over all of you.


Sarea said...

Mary! I am so excited to read your blog! Madison has one too, so I will make sure that she reads your also! Everyone loves comments. . .I think you gave good babysitting advice.

Sarea said...

I have been waiting for another post from you!!! How was Christmas and New Years?? Inquiring minds want to know!

natalie said...

mary, i'm still waiting to hear about nikki's big moment!!
you must be too busy with all that dress shopping:)