Thursday, December 24, 2009



my god bless you and keep you all the day's of your life and have a very merry Christmas and I hope that this will be a Christmas for all people to remember and look bake on all the day's of there life .

one thing that I  will remember about this Christmas is that this is the first one that I have had with two new members in my Family , as you may now my brother got married last june and my sister got married last July and so I have a new brother and a new sister and so 
i am exited to spend this Christmas with all the people that I love and I wish you a vary marry Christmas 

Mary Trexel  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

moving up

hello world

there is something happening on June 7th the fifth grade is moving up to junior Hy and seance I am in fifth grade I well be in junior Hy. and on June 30th to july1st the sixth and ninth graders are going to go to words of fun and spend the night in a church and the next day are going to oceans of fun!!!! and that will be so fun i think I mean who wouldn't be exited and whats moor I have never been there before so it is double the excitement fore me well gotta go