Sunday, August 31, 2008

baby siting advice.

as you may know my family and I babysit the three year old kids at first servos at church and I
would like to tell you about it if you or thinking about babysitting the three year old kids then please reed this bog and maybe you will have a idea about what it is like. OK please reed vary closeley
there is not much to tell you but maybe there is going to be something in this blog that you don,t know. Emogene that you or with some little kids in a little room early in the morning some or crying some or not and the only way to git them to be quiet is to page there mom or dad or even both, but it dose not happen that often if the kids or good but if they or bad then your in a bit of trouble but the good thing is that if you or good with kids then I think you will make with it and then you take them out side to the playground and then win you do that they or throwing rocks the pushing the ether kids around and you tell them not to do that. but you make it and then you go on with your Sunday morning.