Thursday, September 30, 2010

it really stinks that i have strep throat
iv had a really sore throat for about 3 days and so mom took me to the doctor and they said i had strep so i can't have any fun for 24 hours it really stinks if you haven't had it before you wouldent
really know how it feels but if you have got it before you would understand that its not vary much fun at all

well gota go
this is mary trexel sineing of

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

if you where wondering
my fave singers are pureNRG, scillet, tree64, barlow girl, supper chick, and selena gomez i havd only seen pureNRG in concert so i haft to say they rise to the top because iv seen them live and they are christen and they sing sooo good i hope they read this it would be so cool to get a comment on my blog from them i kinda know that will like never happen but i commented one one of there blogs and gave them the link to the blog so if they so read it i would freak out!!!!!!! i mean would you if your fave singers in the world commented on your blog? i surtenly would

well gota go
this is mary trexel signing off..................
ok i just got done painting my room on sunday
its so awesome of i coud show you a pic of it i would but sadly i don't know how i wish i did :(
but its all good
i just ran on the tredmill for like 10 minuts and now im eating water melon and then i will run some more
well g2g

this is mary trexel signing off.........