Tuesday, February 5, 2008

meet anna

anna coble had lived in the coloniel times a long time ago. she grew up with two younger sisters and five older brothers and a mom and a dad. her mothers name is martha and her dads name was tim. her five brothers were named john, mick, cris, leime, and josh. her sisters were named elizabeth and emiliy. they were twines. age nine and 1-2. anna loves horses and dogs and cats and lived in a farm with all those. she had depe dark hare and was about five feet tall. she was 12. but lets check up on here now and see how she is.

''there you are Anna' Mrs coble said. ''i have been looking fore you.'' ''i am sorry mother tis a good
day fore shopping.'' Anna said ''aye'' mother said ''but you needn't stay here. come home and help me with supper.'' Anna loved shopping and hated to be away from the store. she picked up the hems of her peddy cotes and sighed and walked out of the store. ''Anna, tis the fifth time you have gone and i have not known.'' Mrs coble said. ''I cant help it if I like being in the store.'' Anna said to her mother. ''i no child I no'' mother said. but you cane tel me if you or going some ware and tel me ware you or going. ''tis true'' Anna said as they walked throw the winding streets.


Curtis said...

Ooh! Old English! I LOVE Old English! This is so cool! I especially love the 'aye's. :-)

Jessica said...

Mary this is wonderful!! Never ever stop writing Girl, you have a talent. Okay now I want to read the rest so keep posting. I have a story about a 6 year old girl named Worrywart on my blog who loves to worry. With your parents permission come check it out:
Tell me what you think!
God Bless!
Your sister in Christ,

Johanna said...

This story sounds strangely familiar... :)