Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anna is back

Anna is back
Anna did you now that spring brake starts today? Mrs. Cobble asked. Aye Anna said, tis vary exiting. what are you to do during spring brake? Mary asked. well I will go to Annabell's house
and tell here the good news Anna said. well then off you go mother said. so Anna went off to see
Annabell. wen she got there Mrs Alec Barry answered. well hello Anna, Annabell is awed back on the porch. thank you Anna said, and pict up the him of her peddy cote and straightend here old hat and walked to the back porch.


Curtis said...

Yay! Another chapter! I agree, spring break is a cause for celebration.

Johanna said...

What a wonderful story!! Splendid! Johanna calls for more! very well done, Mary.

Anonymous said...

mary, these stories of anna must continue to the bitter, bitter end; however, the masses demand you return to the stories that show you are 'so above us' like the stories you told when you looked back in time...mary, oh mary, won't you please tell us more stories about your brothers, your sisters, your mother, and especially your most fascinating, wonderful, ingenious, talented, suave, charismatic, and wise father...please, oh, please!


Curtis said...

Hmm... now I wonder who anonymous is... lol!

Jessica said...

Loved your story mary. Never stop writing okay?
I have to agree with curtis though, I don't think Anonymous did a very good job of staying anonymous lol.
God Bless Sis!