Tuesday, June 8, 2010

  • if you want to read a poem my me mary trexel then your on the right blog this is a poem that i rote two days ago here we go
summer fun

look at the sun, todays going to be so much fun.
summer is finally here fall is nowhere neer
no more long-sleevs no more sweters no more getting christmas letters.
no wonder im exited and secretly who wouldent be delited?
weeks of swimming and camping under the stars, and marshmellos ensted of candy bars
when schools out and bike rids start nothing can pull familys apart
so thats summer to a kid my friend and now its time to say

the end

thank you for reading my poem i hope you liked it ;)

this is mary trexel sining off........


Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

Mary, I really liked this! good work! :) summer is pretty awesome, isn't it??

Sarah said...

Hello Maryll =), it's Sarah (H.). That's a REALLY good poem. As I was reading it, I actually thought you just put the lyrics to one of your favorite songs- good job! Anyway, I remembered that you have a blog and figured I would check it out so here I am visiting. =). Anyway, good job on the poem... keep working on more!!