Monday, February 14, 2011

lemon bars, reading and basketball

ok my sister rachel is making lemon bars for link and they are smelling sooo good
i love them so much but this time i dont get any because rachel is taking them to link ( sobs )
last night i couldn't sleep so i turned on the lamp that was next to my bed and started reading the book "Cornelia the angle of the battle filed " she was a sivel war nurse who most people thought her to be the florence nighengal of America because of the years she spent on the battle filed helping wounded people.
guess what on Saturday i had a J.V basketball game and i went in, in about the 3d courter then i got fouled twice one time i got to shoot a free through but i air balled it lol

well got to go

this is mary trexel sighing off...........

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