Saturday, July 17, 2010

hay hay :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

ok, i have a story to tell you

it was a worm summer day when i was i don't know about five six years old, me by two brothers and rachel where going to the store that was right next to us in a little town called ceresco and there where alot of cracks in the sidewalk and we where shocked to se that there was a diamond back snake in the sidewalk AND IT WAS MAD it was stricking at me and rachel and jim and joshua started to thro little peaces of wood at it and me and rachel where crying because we where scared that it might bite one or both of the boys or evan one of us and then this guy came out of his house and started screming at us to leave the snake alone and then after we whent to the store we looked to se if the snake was still there when we got back but it was not and so we desided that the person who yelled us to stop owned the snake i dont know

well gota go
this is mary trexel sinning off.................

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Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

I never heard about this! What kind of weird person would own a diamond back snake and let it outside? I'm glad you didn't get bitten!