Saturday, April 10, 2010

well i was just at my friends house and we were playing basketball and i was surprised at how easy it was you see i just finished the basketball season and it was my first year with the big hoops and having not played much at all it was hard but you know i got better and now...... ok back to the subject that we were on i was playing with her hoop and it was so small compared to all of the hoops that i was used to and i made so many more then i did with the big hoops at the place where i have ( or had) practice but i don't think that it will last vary long because basketball will be coming up before i know it ( make that in about seven moths ) and wen it dose i will be ready to dominate

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Sarah Mcnair said...

I bet you are getting alot better at basketball! are you practicing alot since the season ended ????